Franny Swann’s practice is informed by an interest in memory, memorial and loss.

Deep within loss there is stillness, a hope, a delicacy that her work constantly strives for, responding to both time and place.

Often presented through interventions, site-specific or theme-specific installations her work references archaic traces, fragments, past lives, and an interest in archaeology and museology.

Found objects, the aged and broken, stone, bone, wood, paper, textiles and drawing fabricate her work. and her choice of museum – style and repetitive presentations attempt to corral the deepest of human emotions.

New work is presently focused on a set of decaying insect display boxes that have come into her possession and developing her interdisciplinary dialogue within installation.

Franny graduated from University College London with a BA honours in History and History of Art and subsequently graduated with a First Class BA honours in Fine Art from Greenwich University .

Her work has been acquired for various institutions. A large triptych is on permanent public exhibition in Pankow, Berlin.

Franny is a founder member of Sevenoaks Arts Forum and has for many years been involved in raising the profile of contemporary artists in Kent.