Farningham Hobby Horse Project

A Kent Cultural Baton Project
Collaboration with artist Rosalind Barker

The Farningham Hobby Horse Project was a response to an ancient horse fair once held in the centre of the Kentish village of Farningham.

Villagers and businesses were invited to collect a wooden pro-forma hobby horse and return it in a form that represented them or their work. Responders ranged in age from 9-90 years old and the resultant installation of 150 horses replicated the village as it traveled.

The Farningham Hobby Horse Project toured Kent during 2010 – 2012, venues and partners included:

  • The Folkestone Triennial Fringe
  • The Lone Boat Project
  • The Margate Squall
  • The Kaleidoscope Gallery
  • Bluewater Shopping Centre
  • and other Kent Art Venues